WO No.22

In the land of Douro


There is a dog barking.

There is a generator nearby.

There is a beautiful wild ocean with waves much too big for me, it’s a place for surfers.

I love Portuguese food.

I’ve always really liked Portugal.

Up here the sea is colder than it is in England, but then it is an Atlantic coast.

Today we are moving in land along the river Douro, still not far from old Porto.

This blog sounds like a travel guide. 

(Oh my God I said I would never do anything like David Byrne’s cycling blog of New York!)

There is a wooden walkway that runs over the dunes down to the beach. There is a man pulling down his shorts behind a rock. Time to leave!


Now overlooking the Douro - What a panorama. 

An enormous wide river today dressed in aquamarine. 

And no mosquitos… Result!

From my bedroom window I am lucky to have a grand view of the river and hilltops beyond.

The river cruisers meander by, colourful floating juke boxes bulging people.

There is a forester on the opposite bank, with a whining circular saw, cutting up huge tree trunks. 

A small child is also whining down the hallway.

I can smell grilled fish.

Maybe holidays are not so bad after all.