WO No.13

I’m sitting in the back room one of my favourite cafés making my way through a substantial breakfast. Don’t worry, I’m not going to send you a picture of it! Today could be one of the most significant days in Great Britain’s political history, but you would never know it from observing people worshipping the spring in the Brighton streets this morning

I have shared this room with a variety of different groups of people over the last few years; from the expected groups of ladies who do cake, to Rentokill exterminators, political conference delegates, estate agents and Middle Eastern gangsters! Today it’s quiet here, just as well because I’m writing 100 words on the future of art. 

This week I will be mixing the old and the new, doing some final tweaking to the new album and also listening to Word Salad to see which of the songs I need to learn for the tour. It’s all going on over here - album tweaking, filmmaking, tour preparing and possibly the end of British democracy as we know it! 

Here are my 100 words about art. 


‘We are all sensory washing machines that wash and rinse and dry our perceptions. Artists often air their dirty linen as well as their freshly pressed ideas. For them it’s about the medium as well as the message. The present is full of people trying to find meaning in an online universe. The future of art rests upon shoulders of those who throw light on universal emotions through a prism of their own making, with a unique insightful view of the world communicated in such a way that it moves the many. This is what art is about; past present and future.’