WO No.19

Do Prime Ministers in waiting remember Guy Fawkes?!

There may well be a challenge to Parliamentary democracy before the EU Brexit deadline of the 31st October. Dominic Rabb and a number of other would-be Tory leaders will have to overthrow parliament in order to achieve their aim of a No Deal Brexit. I believe the punishment for such treachery should still be execution by being hung, drawn and quartered!

I’m not a Conservative voter, but anyone Interested in the short and mid-term future of the UK should take notice of the Tory leadership elections. The Brexit vote enabled the Tory right wing popularists to  raise their ugly heads and be heard In the mainstream.

I’ve just seen an interview with a Tory minister with a heart. In the light of the recent Parliamentary apocalypse, Rory Stewart is certainly a breath of fresh air.

Unfortunately, it’s very unlikely that the 120,000 Tory party members will elect anyone except the Johnson buffoon. They are desperate to find anybody with a high enough public profile to stand up to Nigel Farage and his burgeoning far-Right Brexit Party.

There is such a lack of humanity and honesty in contemporary politics. Rory Stewart is the only candidate in the race for the Tory leadership who emphasises these core values. As the new leader automatically becomes prime minister they have to have statesmanlike qualities.

Rory Stewart could adequately lead a Tory government or indeed a liberal democrat one

But then again maybe we also need a comedian to lead our government...

Back to Boris then?!