This is a poetry flip-book book, which also includes  a play script for The Last Picasso play.



John was based in a major city for about 5 days performing a concert and presenting his play both with local cast and musicians.



The new Fischer-Z album to be released in 2015 – Dynamic tunes, political issues in human stories, lyrical songs.












Bit of Writing

As of yesterday, December 5th 2014 (the occasion of my mother’s 88th birthday), I have made the decision to change my worldly, wordy and artistic output. Should I choose to write a poem, deface a picture, film my yesterday’s lunch, sing in Zulu or even make a sculpture out of the carcasses of dead rodents… so be it. Incidentally, I have just spotted a rat disappearing under my wardrobe – now there is an omen! Lord save us from the sensible, from the money worshippers, from the people who sell you insurance, from the pesky pessimists that pedal pathetic pestilent propaganda and opine, “We will NEVER have it so good again”. DON’T BELIEVE THEM, ALL YOU YOUNG PEOPLE! As my friend the Italian says, “Fucka yiou” if you’re not prepared to accept every generation’s full entitlement to geniuses and excitement and love and optimism. How dare you ‘baby boomers’ drag down the next generation with your stinking, sinking, property laden treasure-ships. (Fools’ Gold by any standards.) I spit on your ISAs and your tidy lawns and your Land Rovers and your Incontinental holiday homes and your van-delivered groceries… Bring on the really big crash! Then try exchanging a trade or skills for carrots, instead of making money out of money and fat arses out of fat arses. (And that goes out specially for you Lloyd-Webber.)
Anyone for anthrax?


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‘Via Brighton’

read the interview with John Watts in the Via Brighton! http://fischer-z.com/about/reviews

john brighton review

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Old Market show Postponed

IMPORTANT ‘The Last Picasso Show’ at The Old Market in Brighton has been postponed. We are hoping to re-arrange a date later in the year. The Old Market will be in touch with ticket holders.

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Tour Report (sort of)


Just a brief report on the tour so far. I mostly hate musicians blogs about their shows because they are as boring as wallpaper. In an era when even news is mainly fallacious entertainment, there is absolutely no excuse for dull writing. Our shows started in the NL, mainly in the provinces. We’ve added Tony’s guitar to our live set up and as I refuse to rehearse enough, it all took a little time to settle down. As well as being a fine musician and experienced professional, Tony’s affable ‘geordie’ nature enabled him to deal with my flouncing impatience!
The tour has been building momentum show by show – Well… I would say that wouldn’t I?! But it happens to be true. Most pleasing for me is the fact that there have been so many young people in the audience. WE ARE NOT AN OLDIES BAND! There are so many miserable, cynical old sods out there pedalling nostalgia in second gear. I’m an optimistic old git who wants to spread the love to everyone, young or old. There you go, that last sentence has made my tour manager Gerrit happy. (Somebody has to keep an eye on the things I write.)
Germany has always been friendly to me… I don’t know why. I reckon it must be because I put a ‘c’ in Fischer.
(Was that OK Gerrit?)
Special congratulations for Eric, our artistic/technical wizard, for his birthday on tour.
He doesn’t drink and fortunately he didn’t notice the acid we put in his vegan salad.

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Abbruzzo – A break

Down here in Italy there is a remarkable contrast between hot days in the fields and a view which includes snow on the mountains. I have been resting down here for a while with a friend who is on a mission to prune his 54 olive trees. It would be extremely useful if I could speak Italian. I’m looking forward to returning recharged to finish the build up to the tour.


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