2017 has seen the long overdue return of Fischer-Z.

With release of their 20th studio album ‘Building Bridges’, Fischer-Z solidified their place back amongst their peers in Europe as well as the UK. As a result, the Spring launch shows had attendances reminiscent of the Fischer-Z hay day.

This summer has seen Fischer-Z back playing major European festivals along-side bands like the Pretenders, Rodger Hodgson, Doe Maar, The Pixies and Madness.

This September Fischer-Z will release their third single from ‘Building Bridges’ titled ‘So Close’ which is being called ‘the 21st century So Long’. ‘So Close’ will also be accompanied by a beautiful underwater music video.

Following the release of ‘So Close’, Fischer-Z will release their first LP for 20 years. Limited edition ‘Building Bridges’ coloured vinyl with 2 extra tracks.

In October Fischer-Z will start their biggest German tour for a decade. The ‘Building Bridges’ tour will consist of 14 dates and over 12,000 tickets.

In November Fischer-Z will play the biggest Belgian venue to date – De Roma in Antwerp.




John’s first autobiography, political catalogue release by BMG and a new Fischer-Z album in the Autumn.


In January, Fischer-Z will be playing the main hall at the infamous Paradiso in Amsterdam, followed by their first Spanish and Portuguese tour since the 80’s.

In the Spring Fischer-Z will tour the UK, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Followed by European and UK festivals (already confirmations)


‘Fischer-Z’ Google search results up to 1.5 million. Spotify – So Long has had over 800,000 plays in the last year, Damascus Disco over 34,000 plays in 6 months and monthly followers up by 30,000 a month. Facebook – 7,000 page likes in the last year.


‘Building Bridges’ album reviews - ‘Their best record of late’ Q Magazine, ‘As feisty, spontaneous and youthful as he has been for a long time’ Classic Rock, ‘A first class album’ FFM Rock, ‘Surprisingly young and rebellious! Eclipsed


Live review – ‘A night out with Fischer-Z: enthusiasm? Check. Numbers? Check. Performance? Check. Better than ever.’ Lust For Life - Paard Van Troje (10.05.17)