“Their strongest record of late”
Q Magazine

“Surprisingly young and rebellious!”
Eclipsed Magazin

“As feisty, spontaneous and youthful as he been for a long time!”
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 Fischer-Z 2017 Tour Dates

Building Bridges implies an alternative approach in this new Trumptopian era. With a trigger-happy, narcissistic, confrontational reality star installed as the most powerful man in the world and the politically disenfranchised voting for simplistic reactionary personalities the world over, there has to be an equal and opposite active force for altruism, compassion, communication and concern for all humanity. This is not an uncommon view, but it’s incredibly important that those who believe in building bridges between all nations, over religious divides, between political ideologies left and right, between rich and poor must not become complacent but unite and turn the forces of reason into active resistance to this tide of selfishness, ignorance and instability. Unfortunately the hippie generation have given the cause of love and peace rather a bad name. The left has become devoid of spunk and unity.”

‘Damascus Disco’, a political punk funk that sets the tone for the whole album: “Unlucky people lose their heads / Little children bombed out of beds”. In the sing-along chorus, Watts concludes: “If we build bridges with love / Hey hey … It might be enough“. Further into the song, he says: “Bring San Francisco to Damascus Disco“. Love and peace must have teeth! These clear simple messages, compact songs, chunky riffs and memorable melodies will stick in your head. Be it in “Easy Money” with its massive guitars, in which he tosses barbs at banks and brokers, or in the folksy “Row Boys Row” (“They are left no options but fight or flight”), which depicts his view of the Calais refugees’ daily struggle. When it says in the ‘punky Beachboys’ style of ‘Let’s Put The Pressure On’ that “The ‘have not’ lobby needs a louder voice”, it’s clear he’s still championing mobilisation of people power to secure a fairer world.

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