Nordeney by the sea








Norderney after a wonderfully intimate show in the Brauhaus. If this island was good enough for relaxing Kaisers, it’s good enough for me! The whole place reminds me of a bygone era. If it were not for the slightly garish modern shop fronts one could imagine bumping into Goethe sucking on an ice lolly, or Wagner walking past in intense thought. Such a long coast of undulating mirrors must be an inspiration to everyone unless they are deaf, blind and without emotion. In our 21st century lives, it’s so difficult to encounter an environment that is truly peaceful. Norderney is such a place.

I always have to live somewhere close to the sea, so regardless of how many people crowd around me there is still distance and headspace over the salty waters. The good thing about an island is that the climate and the weather are always changing so the mood and the landscape are changing all the time. It’s taken me many years to realise that I have to try and schedule in real relaxation time in between my normal mode of manic activity. At the weekend I move south again via a Fischer-Z solo show near Dortmund to meet up with the band and do two more Belgian festivals. I look forward to the weekend. I’m really enjoying this place. Bring on the fish!!