Fischer-Z – The Story (Coming next year)

Extract Notes.
“Training in reverse across the Dutch flatlands is a far cry from floating in the magnificent murky waters of Nice Bay, but life like music needs it’s lights and its shades. Tomorrow an 8:15 am breakfast show beckons. The prospect of singing at a time when I’m normally asleep is akin to teeing off at the US Masters at 1am!” 

“The grim Northern deluge encroached through the soggy ceiling of the so-called dressing room – a veritable Top Rank diorama. This sleazy beer keg ‘khasi’ was the backstage hangout for the Fischer-Z boys in late 70s Scarborough. At least I think it was. Waiting the other side of the bar staff were about 15 of Das Yorkshire punters… A smoke filled rank smelling mirror-ball graveyard awaited our performance. How we laughed… Typical of the early days of gobbing ignoramuses, mic stand tuggers and cigarette leg-burners it was definitely a sound strategy to adopt the onstage persona of an ‘intellectual psychopath on sulphate’.”