Fischer-Z – The Story (Coming next year)

Extract Notes.
“Training in reverse across the Dutch flatlands is a far cry from floating in the magnificent murky waters of Nice Bay, but life like music needs it’s lights and its shades. Tomorrow an 8:15 am breakfast show beckons. The prospect of singing at a time when I’m normally asleep is akin to teeing off at the US Masters at 1am!” 

“The grim Northern deluge encroached through the soggy ceiling of the so-called dressing room – a veritable Top Rank diorama. This sleazy beer keg ‘khasi’ was the backstage hangout for the Fischer-Z boys in late 70s Scarborough. At least I think it was. Waiting the other side of the bar staff were about 15 of Das Yorkshire punters… A smoke filled rank smelling mirror-ball graveyard awaited our performance. How we laughed… Typical of the early days of gobbing ignoramuses, mic stand tuggers and cigarette leg-burners it was definitely a sound strategy to adopt the onstage persona of an ‘intellectual psychopath on sulphate’.” 



Fischer-Z ReverbNation and Club Member Update.

Dear ReverbNation and Club Member friends,

We’ve now updated the website to make things clearer and added a MAILING LIST button so you can easily join our existing mailing list


Some of you have registered with the Fischer-Z Members Club and will therefore have already seen some of the exclusive special offers available in 2016.


You might like to order a Special Personalized Edition of the ‘This Is My Universe’ CD album.





I will create the cover artwork of your CD and also illustrate the inside – a short poem or personal inscription.


On the CD itself:

Track 1: A recorded personal message for you. (Possibly the answer to a question you’ve always wanted to ask me? We’ll discuss together what this personal message should be!)


Tracks 2 -11: The ‘This Is My Universe’ album.


Track 12: You choose any song from my history which I will record as a unique solo version especially for you and add as a bonus track to the end of your CD.


Personalized CD Album: €550 or £400 (including tax and postage) Special price of €400 (£300) if you order before 28th February 2016!


The official release of ‘This is My Universe’ is Friday 18th March 2016 and we will be celebrating with a series of launch ‘Meet & Greet’ events in the next few months.

It would be great if you would join me for a drink at one of the launch events for the ‘This Is My Universe’ album. We initially thought we would hold one unique event in Lisbon, but it seems too far for many of you to travel. We will mail you with details of events in the near future.
We have received requests for John to do ‘Living Room’ concerts and to write personalized songs.  Watch this space for more information and other offers.

Don’t hesitate to mail us with any questions or requests and to order a personalized CD.


Eric – eric@fischer-z.com John – info@fischer-z.com


All the best for 2016,


Refugee Guardian Christmas

After reading a Christmas Poem in the Guardian, I felt the need to write something from a different perspective.  If you like this sentiment, then do share it and give some money to a refugee charity this Christmas holiday.


A refugee CHRISTMAS poem


When you’re every moment means a huddle in the rubble,

When you’re every moment is as a creeper from the reaper,
Just consider our poor middle class unable to 4G,
As they wait outside John Lewis searching Internet TV.


As your nostrils fill with cordite and you watch your children starve,
And you traipse with desperation carrying everything you have,
Consider poor Miss Knightsbridge carrying heavy shopping bags,
Full of retail insincerity and designer clothing tags.


As you haggle with the traffickers in the line for lethal boats,
Surrendering your worldly goods for anything that floats,
Remember those poor Londoners  who don’t know what to do,
Sad Families in Hamleys stuck in Father Christmas queues.


As you’re faced with desperate choices it’s your children or your wife,
And out & out rejection has become a way of life,
Spare a passing thought
for the desperate Guardian readers,
Choosing between designer cooks
and organic squirrel feeders.


(Copyright John Watts 2015)

Members Club November Update

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Nordeney by the sea








Norderney after a wonderfully intimate show in the Brauhaus. If this island was good enough for relaxing Kaisers, it’s good enough for me! The whole place reminds me of a bygone era. If it were not for the slightly garish modern shop fronts one could imagine bumping into Goethe sucking on an ice lolly, or Wagner walking past in intense thought. Such a long coast of undulating mirrors must be an inspiration to everyone unless they are deaf, blind and without emotion. In our 21st century lives, it’s so difficult to encounter an environment that is truly peaceful. Norderney is such a place.

I always have to live somewhere close to the sea, so regardless of how many people crowd around me there is still distance and headspace over the salty waters. The good thing about an island is that the climate and the weather are always changing so the mood and the landscape are changing all the time. It’s taken me many years to realise that I have to try and schedule in real relaxation time in between my normal mode of manic activity. At the weekend I move south again via a Fischer-Z solo show near Dortmund to meet up with the band and do two more Belgian festivals. I look forward to the weekend. I’m really enjoying this place. Bring on the fish!!


Fischer-Z Members Club Update.

Dear Friends,
First of all thank you for signing up to our mailing list! From now on we want to have more direct and frequent contact with our friends and fans.
This year we have been engaged in plans for the re-invention of Fischer-Z, which has involved a lengthy process of pulling together all the music and films from different company deals from the last 35 years! This has delayed the official release of the new ‘ This Is My Universe‘ album.
In the next few weeks we will be in touch with all of you, to keep you updated on upcoming membership and club offers. There will also be some very special boutique individual items offered to the Fischer-Z Members Club only.
This year, purchasing a special boutique item will automatically entitle the buyer to a lifetime membership of the Fischer-Z Club… 
Exciting stuff! 


May Paris Impressions

Passing the ‘Wild Love’ store on Boulevard Magenta I brush against a black Rasta man with a pearl studded cap. A waft of Gaelic ganja smiling against a hip-hop background.

There’s rampant sea of green taxi lights, screeching scooters in a cacophony of colourful chaos. American voices standout from indigenous linguistic beauty. What is it about the French language that makes it sound so glorious from the mouths of every class and colour at any volume?

A beautifully suited bow-tied business man smokes with real finesse, while German tourists sport shorts and rucksacks and iPhone sixes. The characteristic motorcycles with two front wheels set off against the Algerians with just two front teeth. The street art seems to be more like art, transcending simple graffiti. Goodness me, this place is so hot even in May and it’s not easing up even as we move south towards the river.

There is still Charlie graffitti.  There are a lazy plane trees that you only see in Paris,  with slower moving leaves than any other capital city in Europe – and more designer! It is however genuinely difficult to breathe here with its parked car fumes, part awe and wonder, part a distinct lack of oxygen.

I run the gauntlet of the pedestrian crossing and catch my trainers on a pair of black discarded lacy knickers. Beggars and vultures abound, but at this time of the day they are perched high in the shadows, way above lunchtime in Le Chatelet. What could be better?!   Essence, says the sign. Excuse my French, but this seems appropriate… Then there’s classy massage in the rue de Saintonge, on the way to ‘La Philosophe’ for lunch.

And now the cafes in the Marais… Bohemian and baccarat, bustling and boastful, bestial and bacterial.  Now I am replete and also familiar in this place. Lunch with Norwegian ladies of the same school year as mine. A kind of coming home abroad. My word have I benefited from not working!

And finally to the Eurostar terminal. Do you know this station is probably one of the most attractive in the world? It’s still embodies some the of the romance of travel. The main difference between now and 30 years ago is the number of Oriental travellers. This over globalised world is indeed a virtually smaller place…

Dodgy Shopfront

Before doing the show tonight, we walked through town to go to a very classy Italian restaurant. Nifty food, great company and very stylish waitresses… However, on the way back to the venue I spotted this shopfront. What a dog’s breakfast! 

Another Stau

Here we go. We are three major gigs into the tour. We’ve done huge distances in the van. We are on the way to Berlin and have just escaped from a major traffic jam – a ‘Stau’. The sausage truck in front of us, provides at least a little visual entertainment. tonight we play a beautiful church venue – Passionskirche Berlin.  


The road to Bavaria

Oh joy oh joy oh joy! Less than 200 km to go to Munich. The ‘stau’ in the opposite direction is horrendous. The Dutch boys are in charge in the front and the management are processing film and photographs. We have lazy hip-hop on the system. All we need is an anti-tank gun for the caravans!  


Rock & Roll Antidote

Sometimes it’s necessary to show the other side of rock and roll… It’s not all black jackets and Jack Daniels, Marshall amps & Flying V guitars! 


True or False


In this room it’s impossible to say bad things or good things. Something is either true or false. The man with the hand in this photo is spouting falsehoods…

Sunset through Sunglasses


 A fortuitous angle of sunset through my bifocals, making Western Road in Hove that little bit more glamorous. Are we really a more polluted city than London?! Yesterday evening didn’t feel like it. I was told by a taxi driver today that 20 mph speed limits are very bad for the enviroment. Some of the traffic policy instigated by the greens seems to be environmentally counter productive. Bring back the horses I say!

Sometimes I see

  Sometimes I see a Lowry picture by the sea/ Sometimes I see the whole world in front of me/Sometimes I see a group of walking dogs/Sometimes I feel in the presence of a God…  

Multicultural Hove

It’s amazing… Wherever you are in the Brighton & Hove area, it’s always possible to hear people speaking in a large variety of languages. It’s not only up and down Western Road and in the centre of town. I was relaxing on the beach after the poisonous smog had cleared in the glorious afternoon sunshine, when I spotted this happy group of beachgoers enjoying the same environment as me. We exchanged a few words on the subject of barbecued lamb!  All we need is dialogue – and love of course…