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Man In Someone Else’s Skin
I Smelt Roses (In The Underground)
I Was In Love With You
Money And Power
The Prisoner’s Dilemma
Mayday Mayday
Menagerie Makers
A Face To Remember
The Iceberg Model



This was John’s first grand departure from a guitar and keyboards¬†band format. Although it’s his second solo album, the approach to recording and the sound is radically different from anything he’d done before. The utilisation of Dexys midnight runners’ brass section, juxtaposed against strident solo violin and a tribal drum sound give it a radical width and colour which made it an 80’s album ahead of its time. It was initially rejected by the record company on the grounds that it was either ‘great or rubbish’. Many of the most innovative songs were sidelined and new ones recorded to replace them. A version of this album ‘as it was meant to be’ will be released at some point in the future.