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The Perfect Day
Leave It To The Businessmen To Die Young
I Can’t Wait That Long
Tallulah Tomorrow
Realistic Man
Fighting Back The Tears
Big Drum
It Takes Love
So Far



This is the first of the new era Fischer Z records. After a gap of four years, Reveal appeared to surprise and acclaim. John had been experimenting is own home studio with Ian Porter. He returned as Fischer-Z, but with a brand-new line-up. The album is especially strong because there were many songs to choose from. It achieved a high profile because of the extensive airplay of the single ‘The Perfect Day’. (The most successful Fischer-Z single to date) This remains one of the fans’ favourite albums. It was again a departure from the two guitars and keyboards sound of earlier albums like Red Skies Over Paradise, but was embraced by a new audience and the old fans alike. Please note : REM later stole the title!