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Red Skies Over Paradise
In England
You’ll Never Find Brian Here
Battalions of Strangers
Song And Dance Brigade
The Writer
Bathroom Scenario
Wristcutter’s Lullaby
Cruise Missiles
Luton to Lisbon
Multinationals Bite



Called back from a US tour to make this record in Richard Branson’s Manor Studios, the band had experienced a sea change. This is the last of the Fischer-Z ‘band’ records. Once Stephen Skolnik had gone, the band was really only John Watts with a rhythm section of Steve Liddle and Dave Graham. EMI let John loose with Richard Manwaring to make his own mistakes and produce this third record himself. Made with just the three musicians, Watts played both guitars and keyboards producing a wider atmospheric more rock-influenced sound – guitars with keyboard colour. This album struck a major chord with the audiences in Continental Europe because of its unique theme of East/West politics and its lyrical ability to see beyond UK street politics. There was a ridiculous touring schedule which resulted in the end of Fischer-Z. The success was only just feeding back into the UK when John dissolved left to go solo.