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And remix album ‘Spiritual Headcase’


Walking The Doberman
Positive Voodoo
Good Rain
Are You Real ?
I’m Not A Radio
Remembering To Breathe
Changed Man

Until this album Watts had worked with a variety of musicians and band line-ups. Instruments had been arranged around his song structures. From this point in his career he was to turn this method on its head. Bigbeatpoetry and the Spiritual Headcase Remixes  signalled a much more radical approach to making music. This, Watts’ thirteenth album, combines his poetry, prose and song lyrics with Ingo Worner’s DJ beats, audio collages and dance floor rhythms. The title track, Bigbeatpoetry, is a substantial ‘Beat’ style poem half-spoken over a simple hip-hop beat and has become something of a cult classic. It was a dramatic illustration of Watts’ ability to experiment with form.. Watts’ work appeared in the student charts. He toured this record with Ingo Worner – just voice, guitar and decks on concert tours and big outdoor festivals.