John Watts’ Biography

John Watts’ 34 year career has included 20 albums & 3000 concerts & festivals worldwide. He developed his musical career in punk clubs while studying clinical psychology and working in mental hospitals. He and his band Fischer-Z were signed by UA Records alongside The Buzzcocks and the The Stranglers. European success increased exponentially with Red Skies Over Paradise (1981), establishing John Watts as a “political commentator in song.”

His first three solo albums included the experimental The Iceberg Model (1983). A second Fischer-Z era included single successes, ‘The Perfect Day’ and the political ‘Say No’. Watts performed to 167,000 people at a Peace Festival in East Berlin alongside James Brown. He made Destination Paradise (1991) at Peter Gabriel’s Real World studios and his next 3 albums continued to highlight some of the darker areas of the human psyche.

He returned solo again with Thirteen Stories High (1997) before producing Bigbeatpoetry (1999) with DJ Ingo Worner – combining poetry, prose and song lyrics. His current era of multimedia solo material began with Ether Music & Film (2002), where he travelled internationally recording random musicians in situ on his laptop. Real Life Is Good Enough (2005) and It Has To Be (2006) included poems and short stories. His last release Morethanmusic (2010) added improvised orchestral cut-ups and a filmic dimension. He is at present embarked on the ambitious World-Go-Round project, which incorporates a play ’The Last Picasso’, an album ’This is my Universe’ and a poetry book ‘The Grand National Lobotomy’.